The Colt 1849 was one of the last cap-and-ball revolvers. The first civilian side arm that could be carried with practicality in a holster, coat pocket or belt. The best-selling Colt revolver of the 19th century with nearly 325,000 made. At the onset of hostilities in the Civil War, the Colt Model 1849 saw widespread use.


The fine detail is achieved with the use of normal, specular and diffuse texture maps.


The game resolution geometry is 3,487 triangles.


The game res geometry is imported into Zbrush where screws, engraving, wear and other surface detail are added. Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps are burned from the Zbrush model down to the game res model. Game textures are created from there and applied to the game model.

Colt NormalColt SpecularColt Diffuse

Normal Map Specular Map Diffuse Map