The Agency used the UnReal 3 engine. I joined team as a character artist. I worked with the model and the rig for each character. Working with animators I weighed and created the ragdoll for each character. I designed and employed tools that allowed me to use XSI to copy body weights from one mesh to another while working in Maya. I modeled hands and feet and clothing as well as accessories. I worked on the first head and face rigs. I created the weighted test clothing to clone from. I also managed many of our apprentices.


The above illustration shows the weighting of verts on the mesh to the skeleton. I ran our test weightings through Yoga animations to test them.

I got the opportunity to model hair. Below are a few of my models and textures. I also worked with a programmer to set the weighting of the hair to move in motion with a pendulum system. There was minimal mesh break through, and worked well overall.


Below is a poster design that stuck in my head after The Agency. It tied together my concept of the game. Maya was used to model all 3D objects and Photoshop did the rest. I'm using Vray for these renders.

The video was created for E3 and contains my character and weapons work. Below is my PPK. This was the first weapon I created. Very low poly from when The Agency was 3rd person.


We reworked our in-game textures and shaders and got a good mectalic feel. Below is my shotgun.


The Reliant below was one of Sam Wood's designs. This is my in-game model.