The WHV102 is a 6 barrel grenade launcher I designed and built for The Agency. We call this weapon the Pig.

Because of the complexity of this model it is built with no invisible internal polys. The mesh is clean to help with depth complexity.


The game resolution geometry is 4395 triangles. A detail normal map for text and logos was created using 2D art and Crazybump. High res geometry was used for screws and other surface details.


A strong set of LOD's was important for this weapon. We dropped down in LOD's farely quickly to reduce polys. We also learned that we couldn't have too many of these weapons in a scene at once. Players would carpet bomb areas and with multiple weapons the SFX explosions would overwhelm the system and we would start dropping out effects.


The US Marines M32, seen below was the influence for my design.



Colt NormalColt SpecularColt Diffuse

Normal Map Specular Map Diffuse Map