The WSG101 is a tactical shotgun. A slow rate of fire, but the ability to clear the room, or at least take the door off the hinges.


We wanted to show the three shells on the side of the weapon, but it looks strange when the weapon runs out of ammo and you can see three more shells. We set up the weapon so that the shells would disappear as you ran out of ammo.


The game resolution geometry starts at 3230 triangles and LOD's down to 72 tris. A detail normal map for text and logos was created using 2D art and Crazybump. High res geometry was used for screws and other surface details.


I used a lot of specular on this weapon. I kept the diffuse map very dark. This allows for one to see the detail of the model as light reflects off it instead of having the normal map render the detail onto the surfaces.



Colt NormalColt SpecularColt Diffuse

Normal Map Specular Map Diffuse Map