The WSM113 is a 45 cal. submachine gun I designed and built for The Agency. It's designed to be the weapon of choice for close combat urban warfare. I call this weapon the Bulldog.


The game resolution geometry is 3,364 triangles. A detail normal and ambient occlusion map were burned for text and logos, using 2D art and Crazybump. High res geometry was used for screws switches and other surface details. Xnormals was used to burn the normal and ambient occlusion maps. Level of detail models are shown below.


Finding the balance between specular levels and normals was important here. The higher the spec is turned up the less effective the normal map will be.


The Kriss Vector SMG, seen below was the influence for my design.



Colt NormalColt SpecularColt Diffuse

Normal Map Specular Map Diffuse Map