Jim Millar
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• Organized, detail oriented, problem solver
• Develop and manage production pipeline
• Excellent cross team communication - artists, designers, programmers
• High Poly Modeling, hard surface and organic (Maya)
• Sculpting (ZBrush)
• Low Poly Modeling, Optimization, Retopology (Maya, ZBrush, Max)
• UV Mapping (Maya, Headus)
• Baking Normals (Maya, XSI, Xnormals)
• Texturing (Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush)
• Ragdoll (Havok, UnReal 3)
• Game Engines (UnReal 3, Unity)



Freelance 2012 - present

Hidden Path/Contract, Bellevue, WA 2012
Modeled and textured track environments for Defense Grid expansion pack. Software – Max, Photoshop.

Motiga Inc, Bellevue, WA 2011
Art Lead. Production of mobile games for the iPhone and iPad.
Software - Maya, Photoshop, Unity engine.

Sony Online Entertainment, Bellevue, WA 2006 - 2010 
Senior Artist. 3D modeling, texturing for weapons and characters, establishing a cohesive look, training employees and interns, mesh weighting, concepts, ragdoll creation for The Agency.
Software - Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush and Unreal 3.

FASA – Microsoft/Contract, Kirkland, WA 2006 
Technical Artist. Animation scripting and ragdoll development for ShadowRun.
Software - Maya and Havok.

Gas Powered Games, Kirkland, WA 2004 - 2006 
Art Production Manager. Creating and leading production pipeline including creating web based automated asset tracking database, modeling and texturing for Supreme Commander.
Software - Excel, 3D Max and Photoshop.

Microsoft Corporation/Contract, Redmond, WA 2002 - 2004 
Character Artist. 3D modeling, texturing, mesh weighting, optimizing, managing of 3D art assets (Monsters), and training interns for Mythica MMORG. Modeling, texturing and implementing 3D real-time audience for NHL Rivals.
Software - Maya, Photoshop and Excel.

EA Sports/Contract, Bellevue, WA 2002 
Environment Artist. 3D modeling of props and tracks for Need for Speed.
Software - Maya and Photoshop.

Cavedog - Humongous Entertainment, Bothell, WA 1998 - 2002 
Character Artist/Animator. Character design, 3D modeling and animating of characters and architectural models for real time and pre-rendered games.
Software - Maya, Lightwave, Photoshop and Debabelizer.
Developed games:
Total Annihilation Kingdoms
The Iron Plague
Moonbase Command
Backyard Soccer
Backyard Basketball

Microsoft Corporation/Contract, Redmond, WA 1993 - 1998 
Art Coordinator, Animator, Environment artist. 3D architectural modeling, texturing, character animating and asset tracking for real-time and pre-rendered games. Team lead for artists creating and modifying 2D graphics for CD titles.
Software - SoftImage, Photoshop, Debabelizer and After Effects.
Developed games/titles:
Microsoft Full Court Press
Microsoft Soccer
Microsoft 3D Baseball
Dangerous Creatures
Ancient Lands
Complete Baseball `95
Complete Basketball `95-`96
Complete Basketball `94-`95)


University of California, Santa Barbara, California.
B.A. Liberal Studies: Emphasis in Fine Arts, Psychology and Economics.

Art Institute of Houston, Houston, Texas.
Diploma in Commercial Art.